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ZIMA BLUE AND OTHER STORIES by Alastair Reynolds. San Francisco, CA; Night Shade Books; 2006. 1st edition hardcover. Despite the fact that Alastair Reynolds has published fiction in professional venues since 1990, with over thirty stories now in print, and has published six novels, two of which were nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and one of which (Chasm City) won the British Science Fiction Association Award, this is his very first short fiction collection. It spans almost the whole of his career, ranging from “Enola” (which appeared in 1991, only his third sale) right up to recent work such as “Understanding Space and Time,” a novella written in 2005, and “Signal to Noise,” a new piece written specially for this book. It is the perfect showcase for the evolution of his writing and themes over the last sixteen years, and features extensive story notes.

Since 2000, Reynolds has been publishing large novels at a rate of one a year, all but two of them are set against a consistent background known as the Revelation Space universe. The stories in "Zima Blue," however, while occasionally related to each other, do not partake of that claustrophobic, machine-haunted history. They represent a more optimistic take on humanity’s future, a view that says there may be wars, there may be catastrophes and cosmic errors, but something human will still survive.

Contents: Introduction by Paul McCauley Angels of Ashes Beyond the Aquila Rift Enola Hideaway Merlin's Gun The Real Story Spirey and the Queen Understanding Space and Time Zima Blue

“If you like hard SF… with fast-paced action and hardboiled characters… you’re in for a great ride.” – Sf Site

“Reynolds possesses the true and awesome wide-screen SF imagination…” – Locus

“Hard SF doesn’t come much harder.” – Jon Courtenay Grimwood, The Guardian

“A moving account of the conflicting impulses of the explorer, the colonizer, and those who regret the taming of a wild place.” – Rich Horton, SF Site, on “The Real Story”

“Reynolds has been producing some excellent short fiction lately, in the intervals between composing his massive space operas…‘Understanding Space and Time’…was definitely one of the best stories of 2005.” – Nick Gevers, Locus

“His universe is fraught with terrorizing beauty, intricate, delicate constructs wrought from deliquescing slime and the rusted parts of machines whose purpose is no longer discernable. When Reynolds puts these together, he builds one hell of a ghost-ridden mansion” – Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column, on “Hideaway”.

The limited edition of 150 copies is signed by the author, and contains a bonus story, "Digital to Analogue".

Fine in fine dj. OUT OF PRINT.