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WILDWOOD ROAD by Christopher Golden. Forest Hill, MA; CD Publicattions; 2005. 1st edition hardcover.

"WILDWOOD ROAD is a brilliant novel of supernatural suspense that reminded me of the early classics by Ira Levin--think ROSEMARY'S BABY and you won't be disappointed. There's no baby, but oh baby, there is one creepy little lost girl that kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed. This one's a keeper." -- Stephen King

About The Novel: Michael and Jillian Dansky seemed to have it all.

But driving home from a Halloween masquerade, Michael momentarily nods off behind the wheeland wakes to find nothing is the same. Standing by his car is a little girl he came within a breath of running down. She leads Michael to her "home," an empty house haunted by whispers, and sends him away with a plea: "come find me."

But in the weeks to follow, it's clear that someone--or something--doesn't want Michael to find her: ominous figures with gray coats and misshapen faces trail him everywhere. And then one morning a cold, cruel, vindictive woman awakens in place of his wife.

Michael must now search not only for the lost girl but for a way to find the Jillian he's always loved, and to do so he must return to where the nightmare began. Down an isolated lane, where he'll find them--or die trying.

Praise for Christopher Golden's Fiction: "Christopher Golden's storytelling is spellbinding. His novels capture the charming mystique that permeates New England, to which he adds a shuddering dose of the occult." -- BOSTON Magazine

"Rod Serling territory... Golden takes another step toward becoming a major player in horror fiction." -- The San Francisco Chronicle

"Christopher Golden is one of the most hard-working, smartest, and most talented writers of his generation, and his books are so good and so involving that they really ought to sell in huge numbers. Everything he writes glows with imagination." -- Peter Straub, author of Lost Boy, Lost Girl

"Christopher Golden is the master of the slow creep--the kind of story that sneaks out of the everyday, so quietly, that you don't realize anything is really amiss until the world seems to shift and the ground gets all spongy underfoot. Golden has a wonderfully smooth prose style--the payoff is immense. And intense..." -- Charles De Lint, author of Spirits in the Wires

"Someone to watch." -- Publishers Weekly

"Golden takes a truly creepy fantastic premise and delivers in spades; this gripping story is not to be missed." -- Booklist

"The Ferryman is a compulsive read, one I finished in a single sleep-deprived night. The characters are easy to care about, the story unpredictable and involving. Rarest of all, Golden conveys the terrible sadness of the supernatural in a way few authors have managed." -- Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls and Drawing Blood

"An intelligent, compelling ghost story in the classic horror tradition... Harrowing... Superior characterization, an exquisitely detailed setting and superbly orchestrated suspense." --Publishers Weekly

"Readers (will) wonder if Christopher Golden is actually a pseudonym for a collaboration between Dean Koontz and Peter Straub." -- BookBrowser

"Christopher Golden . . . is an imaginative and prodigious talent who never lets genre boundaries hold him back." -- Douglas Clegg, author Naomi and Mischief

"His work is fast and furious, funny and original, and I can't wait until his next book." -- Joe R. Lansdale, author of The Bottoms and The Two Bear Mambo

"The most refreshing books in the vampire genre since Anne Rice wrote Interview with the Vampire, [Golden's novels] are completely in a class by themselves." -- Pathway to Darkness

"Golden combines quiet, dark, subtle mood with Super-Giant monster action. Sort of M.R. James meets Godzilla!" -- Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy

Available as a Limited Edition of 1000 signed copies. Fine in fine dj.

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