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WHERE FURNACES BURN Joel Lane 1st ed trade paperback fine PS PUBLISHING/UK IMP

WHERE FURNACES BURN by Joel Lane. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2013. 1st trade paperback edition.

TITLE Where Furnaces Burn.

A COLLECTION by Joel Lane.


EDITION Trade paperback.

COVER ART Wednesbury by Night in the 19th Century. The artist is unknown. Courtesy of Ironbridge Gorge Museum.

PRINT RUN unsigned.

ISBN 978-1-848634-85-5.


Episodes from the casebook of a police officer in the West Midlands:

A young woman needs help in finding the buried pieces of her lover... so he can return to waking life.

Pale-faced thieves gather by a disused railway to watch a puppet theatre of love and violence.

Why do local youths keep starting fires in the ash woods around a disused mine in the Black Country?

A series of inexplicable deaths lead the police to uncover a secret cult of machine worship.

When a migrant worker disappears, the key suspect is a boy driven mad by memories that are not his own.

Among the derelict factories and warehouses at the heart of the city, an archaic god seeks out his willing victims.

Blurring the occult detective story with urban noir fiction, Where Furnaces Burn offers a glimpse of the myths and terrors buried within the industrial landscape.

“Joel Lane has quietly and prolifically built up a body of work that has brilliantly chronicled lives led in the wastelands of the UK, as well as charting some of the awful territories that exist within all of us.” – Conrad Williams


Joel Lane is the author of three other collections of supernatural horror stories, The Earth Wire, The Lost District and The Terrible Changes; a weird novella, The Witnesses Are Gone; three collections of poems, The Edge of the Screen, Trouble in the Heartland and The Autumn Myth; a booklet of crime stories, Do Not Pass Go; a chapbook, Black Country; and a pamphlet of erotic poems, Instinct.

He has also edited an anthology of subterranean horror tales, Beneath the Ground, and co-edited an anthology of urban crime and suspense stories, Birmingham Noir (with Steve Bishop) and an anthology of weird and speculative fiction stories against racism and fascism, Never Again (with Allyson Bird).

Forthcoming projects include This Spectacular Darkness, a book of essays on classic weird fiction authors; The Anniversary of Never, a collection of metaphysical ghost stories; and Black Label, a crime novel about bootleg alcohol. The stories in Where Furnaces Burn were written over thirteen years. One of them, 'My Stone Desire', won the British Fantasy Award for best short story in 2008. Two others, 'Still Water' and 'Black Country', appeared in the Best New Horror series edited by Stephen Jones; another, 'The Receivers', appeared in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.