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VIOLETS & VITRIOL: ESSAYS ABOUT SHERLOCK HOLMES & CONAN DOYLE edited by S.E.Dahlinger. Ashcroft, BC, Canada; Calabash Press; 2004. 1st edition trade paperback. VIOLETS & VITRIOL is unique. Far from being just another volume of essays on Sherlock Holmes, this collection is the first to be penned entirely by women and its appearance, timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the 'birthday' of Sherlock Holmes, is refreshingly welcome. Since the word 'Sherlockian' was first coined in 1903, women have enthusiastically taken the Sherlockian movement to their hearts. They have served with distinction as the heads of such major societies as The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, The Bootmakers of Toronto, and The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. They have founded or joined smaller societies worldwide, served on executive committees, curated Special Collections, taught Conan Doyle-related courses, planned Sherlockian weekends, addressed conferences, edited and written for journals, served up the refreshment at many a Sherlockian gathering, and made it all look effortless. For more than seventy years, they have also answered with grace and charm the question: 'Just what is it you women see in Sherlock Holmes?' Sherlockiana without women would be like the canon without its notable female characters: nowhere near as lively or entertaining. So join the ladies as they discuss matters relating to Sherlock Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and enjoy their musings on such diverse topics as Irene Adler, The Long Island Cave Mystery, Brigadier Gerard, Dinosaurs and The Lost World, Mrs Beeton, Madame Blavatsky, Vincent Starrett, Holmes's 'bedside manner', P. G. Wodehouse, and much, much more. Contributors to this volume: Paula Cohen, S. E. Dahlinger, Barbara Roden, Nancy Beiman, Mia Stampe, Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, Deborah Clark, Naomi Hayashi, Yukimo Shigaki, Hiromi Sasabe, Judith Freeman, Catherine Cooke, Dayna McCausland, Beth Austin, Lynn E. Walker, Rosemary Michaud, Diana Barsham, Karen Anderson, Barbara Rusch, Roberta Davies, Susan Rice, Marina Stajic, Julie McKuras, Marilyn McGregor, and Sarah Montague. Fine.