VANILLA RIDE Joe R. Lansdale  HC fine SIGNED

VANILLA RIDE by Joe R. Lansdale. New York, NY; Knopf; 2009. 1st edition 2nd printing hardcover.

"Last seen in 2001's Captains Outrageous, Lansdale's East Texas twosome of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, who specialize in daring jobs for hire, are in fine fettle—slightly older and wiser, still prone to down-home philosophical rants and as eager as ever to lead violence by the nose. In their seventh raucous outing, the unlikely partners—Hap's a white, horny heterosexual good ol' boy, and Leonard's a black homosexual Vietnam vet—rescue a friend's daughter from the clutches of drug dealers. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the dealers are part of the Dixie Mafia, which proceeds to send waves of assassins in retaliation, each worse than the last. Joking as they go, Hap and Leonard dispose of each with their usual brand of brutality. Then, the mafia sends its weapon of last resort, Vanilla Ride, a beautiful hit woman. Edgar-winner Lansdale's storytelling skills are as sharp as ever—bursts of action, moments of reflection and lots of shooting the breeze before trouble comes calling again."--Publishers Weekly.

“Joe Lansdale is a master and Vanilla Ride proves it once again. Every page of this book brims with humor and character and most of all, kick ass story telling. Front to back, the satisfied smile on my face never went away.”--Michael Connelly.

“Joe Lansdale is one of a kind. His Hap and Leonard novels should be read and treasured.”–James Swain, author of The Night Stalker.

“Among the best fiction writers in America today, Joe Lansdale turns on the juice and cuts the damn thing loose. Enjoy the ride!”--Kinky Friedman, author of You Can Lead a Politician to Water, But You Can't Make Him Think.

Fine in fine dj. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.