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VALLEY OF THE WORM Robert E. Howard 1st HC

VALLEY OF THE WORM by Robert E. Howard, cover by Stephen Fabian. Holicong, PA; Wildside Press; 2006. 1st edition hardcover. Description:

The fifth collection of Robert E. Howard’s fantasy work from the legendary pulp magazine Weird Tales (and several of its rivals) features another lineup filled with classic fiction and poetry from Howard’s greatest writing years. Included in this volume are four stories with Howard’s most famous character, Conan: (“Black Colossus,” “The Slithering Shadow,” “The Pool of the Black One,” and “Rogues in the House”), as well as several historical and contemporary fantasies. Especially important is Howard’s short novel, “The Valley of the Worm,” in which an invalid escapes into a past life as Niord, a member of a wandering, Viking-like people who travel far from their home to establish a foothold in a jungle-covered land inhabited by savage Picts. This land holds more than Picts, however. A force of evil that was ancient even then also lurks there, and it is inevitable that Niord will confront it . . . As with all of the Weird Works volumes, the stories and poetry in this book have been meticulously restored to their first published versions. You will read them just as pulp fans of the 1930s did—in their original order, just as originally published!

Contents list:

Out of the Past: The Persistence of Evil in the Fiction of Robert E. Howard, by James Reasoner; Black Colossus; The Man on the Ground; The Slithering Shadows; The Pool of the Black One; Old Garfield’s Heart; One Who Comes at Eventide; To A Woman ("Though fathoms . . .") Rogues in the House, The Valley of the Worm, Gods of the North, Shadows in the Moonlight.

Fine in fine dj.

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