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VAMPIRE CITY by Paul Feval, translated with an intro by Brian Stableford. Wales, UK; Sarob Press; 1999. This novel is the first English translation of a forgotten French vampire novel, a French Gothic Parody first published in book form in 1875. The fictitious heroine of this novel, Anne Radcliffe, who is based upon the famous 18th century author of the same name, and her male Irish companion, journey to the vampire city, confronting and slaying the vampires in true penny dreadful gothic fashion. The vampires of Feval differ from the vampires of Stoker in that they can exist in the day, and essentially are like ordinary people - until they indulge in their particular nasty habit. And where these vampires rest and how they may be killed are quite extraordinary as well! Intro and afterword by the translator Brian Stableford, with notes to the story. Translated, Edited, Introduced, with Afterword & Notes by Brian Stableford. This volume is an English translation of a French Gothic parody first published in book form in 1875. The fictitious heroine of the novel is based upon a famous 18th century author. “Ann Radcliffe” published six classic (and much reprinted) Gothic novels including The Romance of the Forest, The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Italian. Paul Féval was born in Rennes in 1816. The son of a lawyer, he abandoned a similar career in 1838 and went to work at a bank in Paris before becoming a writer and novelist. The publishers are very proud to be able to bring this long forgotten French vampire novel to the attention of the English language readers it has eluded for over one hundred years. The dust jacket artwork and four full page interior illustrations are by Tim Denton. December 1999. Limited to 250 numbered copies. Vampire City was the winner of the 1999 Dracula Society “Children of the Night” award. Fine in fine dj. OUT OF PRINT.