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A NEW UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INFAMY by Rhys Hughes, intro by John Clute. Portland/SF; Night Shade Books/Ministry of Whimsy Press; 2004. 1st edition hardcover. "If not for my indefinite sojourn in the Garden of the Forking Paths, I would have time to tell you how delighted I am that a certain intrepid Welshman has decided to continue my work. In his aping of my Universal History, this Welshman has come to find his own mischievious truth." - Jorge Luis Borges From 1933 to 1934, Jorge Luis Borges, the master of fiction whose work would change the literary world, published a series of "falsifications and distortions" in the Buenos Aires newspaper Critica. These "falsifications" used as their starting point the lives of real villains and desperados. Borges then elaborated using all of the anecdotes and myths about these historical characters, creating what amounted to "nonfictional fictions." The entire series was then published in book form as A Universal History of Infamy. Now Rhys Hughes, a Welshman of some infamy himself, has summoned his vast storytelling powers to create A New Universal History of Infamy, with all-new historical characters as the focus of his nonfiction fictions. Come along on a wild ride with unsavory types of every description. Entertaining and erudite at the same time, Hughes' book also includes some of the literary parodies Borges himself delighted in creating. With an introduction by noted critic John Clute and an afterword by Michael Simanoff. Fine in fine dj.