Hornsea, UK; PS Publishing; 2005. 1st edition hardcover, deluxe edition. Intro by Rob Grant, cover by Oliver James. Limited to 200 copies SIGNED BY BOTH the author & introducer.. Synopsis:

TWOC: (twok) abbr. of criminal offence of Taking Without Owner's Consent, as distinct from Theft; usually applied to the motoring offence of so-called 'joyriding'.

Matt Norris's life has been hell. Why wouldn't it be? He and his brother Jake stole and totaled a fancy car. Jake died and Jake's girlfriend Joolz has been hideously scarred. Only Matt got out unscathed.

Physically that is. But since the accident Jake has come back, haunting Matt's every step, turning up in weird attire and outrageous costumes. Because Jake isn't happy with the way Matt remembers the accident.

Matt is a walking wreckage. He talks the big talk but inside he's coming unglued. Riddled with guilt, Matt attempts a deadly reconstruction of that tragic day. And when he does he wakes up to a different world.

Sometime hilarious, sometimes tender, TWOC is a fast-paced blending of supernatural fantasy and gritty psychological thriller by an award-winning author.

Fine in fine dj & slipcase.

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