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TRUJILLO Lucius Shepard 1st HC

Portland, WA/San Francisco, CA; Night Shade Books; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. In the town of Trujillo, in Honduras, on the edge of the Mosquito Coast, Dr. Arturo Ochoa, a semi-retired psychiatrist, has a single patient: a troubled young man named Thomas Stearns, the son of a wealthy Atlanta family. Stearns has been found adrift on the Carribean in a vessel owned by two Nicaraguans, both of whom are missing; he has been alone for eighteen days and has little memory of that time. Suspected of murder, Stearns is unconcerned. He knows his family will buy off the police. But he is reluctant to leave Trujillo, having developed an odd affinity for the town. As therapy progresses, he tells of a mysterious stone figure regurgitated by, improbably, a whirlpool, and Dr. Ochoa, drawn into his pathology, begins to doubt not only Stearns' sanity, but his own.

A new novel from Lucius Shepard! Note, this is not the same as the collection published in the UK in 2004.

“Lucius Shepard has been among the most respected and unclassifiable of American fiction writers. His prodigious output… may be unmatched for its sheer range and quality.” – Jeff VanderMeer, author of City of Saints and Madmen and Veniss Underground.

Fine in fine dj.

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