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San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. Night Shade Books 2002. Fine in fine dj. "That M. John Harrison is not a Nobel Laureate proves the bankruptcy of the literary establishment. Austere, unflinching and desperately moving, he is one of the very great writers alive today. And yes, he writes fantasy and sf, though of a form, scale and brilliance that it shames not only the rest of the field, but most modern fiction." - CHINA MIEVILLE - "Things That Never Happen is MJH's own selection of his best stories. He hasn't been published in America in a very long time, and this will be a good reminder of what the US is missing. Containing the entirety of The Ice Monkey, and Travel Arrangements, as well as a couple of previously uncollected stories, this is a collection not to be missed." - From the review of Travel Arrangements - "A Zen master of prose" - IAIN BANKS - "Harrison's new collection is wonderfully haunting. Its subject is the fragility of the "real world" and how it is shattered by unmotivated violence, unusual belief-systems, madness, dreams and death. His stories are full of insight and extraordinary imagery." - THE TIMES - "Harrison presents an England where the dead offer you cups of tea, Soho couples wear axes in their heads as a fashion statement and the roads are deserted enough for lonely men to race cars down the M4." - GUARDIAN - "Deceptively light, crushingly assured. . . What impresses throughout is how spot-on Harrison is: emotionally and in the atmosphere he creates . . . reminiscent of Borges." - TIME OUT. Contents: Introduction by China Miéville; Foreword by M. John Harrison; Settling the World; Running Down; The Incalling; The Ice Monkey; Egnaro; The New Rays; Old Women; The Quarry; A Young Man’s Journey to London; The Great God Pan; Small Heirlooms; The Gift; The Horse of Iron and How We Can Know It; Gifco; Anima; Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring; Empty; Seven Guesses of the Heart; I Did It; The East; Suicide Coast; The Neon Heart Murders; Black Houses; Science & the Arts; Story Notes. Illustrated by David Lloyd. First Edition. ONLY ABOUT 600 HARDCOVER COPIES WERE PRINTED. OUT OF PRINT.