TENDELEO'S STORY by Ian Mcdonald, intro by Robert Silverberg, art by David A. Hardy. Harrogate, UK; PS Publishing; 200i. 1st edition trade paperback. Winner of The Theodore Sturgeon Award. Synopsis:

The world of fourteen year old Tendeléo Bi is small, safe, stable: school, farm, her father's church, the village of Gichichi. Then one night, the Chaga comes, and everything is different. Advancing across the plains of East Africa at ten metres every day, this alien infestation transforms terrestrial life into something strange, perilous, wonderful, and nothing can stop it.

Her village destroyed, Tendeléo becomes a refugee, with one need that drives her on: a place she can call home. Trapped between the relentless march of the Chaga, the UN and Nairobi street gangs, her story moves across a southern hemisphere being terraformed into someone else's terra and beyond: to a love that transcends continents, worlds and a humanity on the edge of a staggering evolutionary leap, and that, like the Chaga, will transfigure everything it touches. Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED trade paperback edition of 500 copies (SIGNED BY AUTHOR ONLY). Fine. OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER.

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