Urbana, IL; Golden Gryphon Press, 2002. 1st hardcover edition. Fine in fine dj. In the title story to George Zebrowski's new collection, scientists push the boundaries of human mentality to keep pace with ever-evolving AIs. The juxtaposition of technology and humanism is the cornerstone of these twenty-four handpicked stories, which represent the length and breath of a thirty-year career. In "The Eichmann Variations," nominated for the prestigious Nebula Award, will exact copies of captured Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann show remorse for his crimes against humanity? Like philosophical writers Olaf Stapledon, Arthur C. Clarke, and Stanislaw Lem before him, George Zebrowski explores the "big questions"—the expansion of human horizons, and the growth of power over our lives and the world in which we live. In "The Word Sweep," all speech must be rationed because spoken words take on physical form; a visiting alien hijacks the persona of Curly Howard in "Stooges"; and in "Wound the Wind," the last group of unchanged humans roam free across veldt and forests, until they are captured by those who know what's best for them. From hard science fiction ("Gödel's Doom") to alternate history ("Lenin in Odessa") to first alien contact ("Bridge of Silence"), these stories present one of the unique voices writing in the field of science fiction today. The author's notes after each story give insight into Zebrowski's influences and include personal comments from notable writers in the field. With an introduction by renowned physicist Gregory Benford, Nebula Award-winning author of Timescape. Cover art by Bob Eggleton, winner of the Hugo Award. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.