STARFALL Stephen Baxter 1st trade HC

STARFALL by Stephen Baxter, dj by Tomislav Tikulin. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2009. 1st trade hardcover edition.

Synopsis / Contents:

From Stephen Baxter, an exciting new episode in his acclaimed Xeelee future history: Starfall, a tale of war between the Empire of Sol and its scattered stellar colonies, with sinister turns of fate waiting in the wings...

For nine hundred years, a dynasty of Empresses all named Shira--apparent descendants of a refugee from a nightmarish future epoch--has governed Earth and all the new worlds of humankind. But now rebellion looms at last. In Alpha Centauri System, a visionary named Flood has assembled a fleet, armed with ferocious weapons, its mission to attack the Empire and force its surrender. Flood is prepared to bombard Earth into submission if need be, smashing its cities, killing billions... Why? What is at the root of his singular fanaticism?

Without answers to this riddle, the combatants prepare for war: rival fleets of starships; stealthy invaders concealed within a comet; intelligent information-eating viruses with infinite appetites; contemplative ascetics living just above the surface of the Sun. And others... The Empress musters her forces, in defence of terrible secrets; Flood races to defeat her centuries-old Plan. And as the clash approaches, the attention of non-human intelligences is ineluctably drawn to the arena of battle...

Fast-paced, eloquently written, Starfall is cosmic space opera as only Stephen Baxter, acknowledged king of the form, can write it.


Stephen Baxter was born in Liverpool, England, in 1957. He now lives in Northumberland. He worked as a teacher of maths and physics, and for several years in information technology. Since 1987 he has published over forty books, mostly science fiction novels, and around two hundred short stories. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, President of the British Science Fiction Association, and a Vice-President of the H.G. Wells Society. Starfall is part of the 'Xeelee Sequence', which began with Baxter's first professionally published story in 1987.

Issued in a trade unsigned hardcover edition of 500 copies. Fine in pictorial boards without dj as issued.