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STRANGERS ON THE HEIGHTS Manly Wade Wellman 1st HC fine

Portland/SF; Night Shade Books; 2004. 1st edition hardcover. Will Gardestang and Aides Use Commando Tactics When Attacked by Dread Demons and Devil-Worshipers in the Unknown Realms of Psychic Adventure That Lie Beyond the borders of Reality! Ex-GI Will Gardestang just wanted to go to college on the GI Bill and get on with his life. After a chance meeting, he befriends Tommy Gatchell and Rico Challoner, two young men who share his love for philosophical debate, and soon all three participate in an ESP experiment. After Will and Rico display apparent psychic abilities, Rico begins to become panicky and in short order is killed before their eyes, seemingly long distance by his superiors in a devil-worshipping cult. Enraged over the death of their friend, Will and Tommy vow to track down the killers and unmask their diabolic plans. Will they survive the showdown with the Strangers On The Heights? Strangers on the Heights was first published in the Summer 1944 issue of Startling Stories. Published in the UK as Beasts from Beyond, Strangers is the second of a new series from Night Shade that will be bringing all of Wellman's pulp novels back into print. Also includes Manly's short novel Nuisance Value, which has been published in an abridged form as The Dark Destroyers. Fine in fine dj.