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STEPHEN KING: A PRIMARY BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR AUTHOR by Justin Brooks. Forest Hill, MD; CD Publications; 2008. 1st trade hardcover edition.

Weighing in at over 560 pages, Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography of the World's Most Popular Author is by far the most comprehensive Stephen King Bibliography ever produced, with 958 separate entries, each with a short description and full source data, from publication information right down to page numbers!

Author Justin Brooks spent five years compiling this outstanding reference work, with the assistance of many of the leading King researchers, collectors and 'super-collectors'. Covering all King's published and known unpublished works from 1959 to the end of 2005 (and, for a limited time only while supplies last, supplemented with two chapbooks for the years 2006 and 2007) it reveals for the first time dozens of works and appearances previously unknown to King researchers.

Every known English language appearance of the nearly one thousand pieces of fiction and non-fiction (along with screenplays, plays, poems and even recipes and puzzles) are listed, some 100 of which were also previously unknown in the King community.

Working from original sources Brooks has identified and corrected numerous errors in the previous reporting of material--incorrect titles, dates, pagination and even publication information.

If you've ever wanted to build your King collection to ensure you have every piece it is possible to collect, in all their forms, this is the reference work you must have.

Introduced by noted King researcher Rocky Wood, author of Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished, the book also carries a comprehensive Index of titles and alternative titles.

Among new revelations in the book are: Two previously unknown King pieces from his high school days--sports reporting in the Lisbon Enterprise (and these are not the articles King describes in On Writing).

The "Why I Love The Beatles Essay" that won King an award.

King's 1966 Batman and Robin script.

A 1967 column supporting the US troops in Vietnam.

A letter 14 year old King wrote to Forrest J Ackerman, published in a 1987 auction catalog.

Previously unknown articles and letters to the editor from The Maine Campus, including a review of the Spring 1969 issue of Ubris.

A large number of previously unknown letters to the editor.

Obscure appearances of pieces such as "Brooklyn August".

Introductions to the work of other authors; and book reviews published in unusual venues.

Reprints of both fiction and non-fiction in obscure newspapers and magazines, including in the UK, Canada and Australia

Original titles of published works.

Comprehensive details of King's non-fiction in the Bangor Daily News and other Maine newspaper, much of it controversial.

Dates and publications of 'lost' pieces such as the reprint of a King's Garbage Truck in a downstate newspaper; and such unusual venues as Chernobog.


Full Bibliographic citations, a short summary, and relevant notes are given for: 103 published book length works; and 19 unpublished novels.

191 pieces of published short fiction and 24 unpublished short stories.

An amazing 560 pieces of short non-fiction and 9 unpublished pieces of short non-fiction.

12 poems.

1 puzzle and 3 recipes.

36 screenplays and 4 plays

In total there are 958 individual entries covering almost 2100 separate appearances!

How many do you have in your King collection?

About the Authors: Justin Brooks holds a B.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science. He has been collecting and researching King for the last decade and has interests in several specific areas of study, including Stephen King.

Fine in fine dj.

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