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STRANGER IN THE HOUSE: THE COLLECTED SHORT SUPERNATURAL FICTION: VOLUME ONE by Lisa Tuttle, Jacket art by Jason Zerrillo. Ashcroft, BC, Canada; Ash-Tree Press; 2010. 1st edition hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1-55310-126-0; ix+254pps.

Published August 2010. Limited to 400 copies.

SINCE THE PUBLICATION of her first story ('Stranger in the House') in 1972, Lisa Tuttle has established herself as a highly respected author. Her work has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, The Twilight Zone Magazine, Whispers, and many other well-known genre publications, but it would be wrong to attach a specific label to Lisa's stories. As Stephen Jones notes in his introduction to this volume: 'If you only know Lisa Tuttle from her fantasy or science fiction work, they you may be surprised at just how visceral some of these tales are. But others are tender, heartbreaking, or intensely personal. . . . This is the mark of a truly skilled horror writer—someone who has the power to elicit emotions other than just fear or revulsion with their fiction.'

Stranger in the House is the first volume of the Ash-Tree Press series which will gather together Lisa's own selection of stories, a number of which have not been previously collected. The stories have been arranged chronologically as they were written, rather than as they were published, and the first volume covers the period between 1972 nd 1985.

CONTENTS: A Nurturing of Nightmares: Introduction by Stephen Jones; Stranger in the House; Dollburger; Sangre; A Mother's Heart: A True Bear Story; Mrs T; Birds of the Moon; In the Arcade; The Horse Lord; A Piece of Rope; Community Property; The Hollow Man; Bug House; Sun City; The Other Room; The Other Mother; Where the Stones Grow; Need; Treading the Maze; The Bone Flute; A Friend in Need; The Memory of Wood; The Nest; Redcap; The Cure; No Regrets; Sources.

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