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THE SHADOW OF THE RAT David Stuart Davies 1st HC

THE SHADOW OF THE RAT: A SHERLOCK HOLMES ADVENTURE by David Stuart Davies. Calabash Press, Canada. 1999. 'Perhaps this will help you to understand a little better.' So saying, Holmes pulled a revolver from his overcoat pocket and aimed the barrel at my heart. 'One false move and I shoot you. It is as simple as that.' When Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson accidentally meet up with an old acquaintance, they do not immediately realise that this innocent encounter will draw them into a vast conspiracy. A body found floating in the river—a body which has deliberately been infected with the plague virus is the first warming; and soon Holmes and Watson find themselves seeking answers at The Bridge of Dreams, a club where a person's every darkest wish can be gratified for a price. In this twilight world of depravity and corruption, the great detective finds himself in the grip of a will even stronger than his own; a grip which turns him against his closest friend, and threatens to leave the Government of Britain indeed Britain itself open to a deadly terror. It is left to Dr Watson to find help for his friend, in time for the pair to be able to face up to the most monstrous opponent they have ever encountered the Giant Rat of Sumatra in a tale for which the world is finally prepared! 1st hardcover edition. Fine in fine dj.

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