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SHIFTERS Ed Lee & John Pelan 1st TP SIGNED

SHIFTERS by Edward Lee & John Pelan. Orlando, FL; Necro Publications; 2005. 1st edition trade paperback. Orioginally published in hardcover in 1998.

SCIFTAN: a proper noun of ultimately unknown origin, taking from the Old Frisian alt. transitive: sciff: to mutate, and tannin: one who. Modern English translation:


Richard Locke is a poet. He hasn't written much since Clare, the woman he was going to propose to, told him she wasn't in love with him anymore.

Captain Jack Cordesman is investigating a series of murders in which the victims appear to have been partially eaten. So far the only evidence linking these murders are the red, female hairs found at the crime scenes and a bar napkin with one of Locke's poems scribbled on it.

With a rundown mansion, priceless automobiles, and guest houses filled with brutalities the likes of which you'll never forget, Shifters is full of fun time gore...and monsters.

Fine. Limited, unnumbered trade paperback edition SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS.