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SECRET LIVES by Jeff VanderMeer. Rockville, MD; Wildside/Prime; 2008. 1st edition hardcover.

The thought, in the small hours of the night: Is this what I really wanted? The stray sentence of conversation curling away from you around a corner of the office that promises...adventure. A chance meeting on a crowded elevator. A life you know you want but may never find, already too enraptured by or entangled in the life you have chosen . . . What if you could have that secret life, right now?

In this new collection by World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer, the secret lives of librarians, doctors, lawyers, university students, bank tellers, sex shop clerks, and dozens of others are revealed for the first time. Ordered by profession, these short-short stories (500 to 2,000 words in length) range from the hilarious to the somber, the absurd to the revelatory. Using real people as the springboard, VanderMeer has created a rich blend of the factual and the imaginary in which everyone gets the secret life they deserve. A luminous little book meant for dipping into one secret life at a time . . . (This book is a follow-up to VanderMeer's Secret Life collection).

Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED numbered hardcover edition of 1000 copies. Fine in fine dj.

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