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THE SELLAMILLION A.R.R.R.Roberts (Adam Roberts) 1st HC

THE SELLAMILLION by A.R.R.R.Roberts (AKA Adam Roberts). London, UK; Gollancz; 2004. 1st edition hasrdcover. Book Description: Not another parody? After THE SODDIT sold 100,000 copies and got onto the Sunday Times Bestseller lists in 2003 and 2004? Don't be silly. Synopsis: THE SELLAMILLION is NOT a parody of Tolkien's THE SILMARILLION. That would be pointless because although all Tolkien fans have a copy, only three of them have read past page 40. It is, however, a parody of all that Tolkien created as he worked on LORD OF THE RINGS. The history of the elderly days. Early missing drafts of LORD OF THE RINGS. A correspondence between the author and publisher on whether it should be a Bellybutton Stud of Doom rather than a Ring of Power. An experimental version of LOTR as if written by Dr Seuss. That sort of thing. It'll be funny. Possibly hilarious. The author's told us it will be. Promised even. And he did write THE SODDIT. And that was quite funny. Fine in fine dj.