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Baltimore, MD; CD Publications; 2004. 1st edition hardcover.

Snick-snick-snick... snick-snick-snick.

In a childhood already bruised by abuse and oppression, it was the worst thing that had ever been done to Stuart Mullond -- and the man who did it has come back...

Stuart's mother remembers it differently... but then again, she remembers everything differently. His girlfriend Amelia doesn't know about it. His ex-wife Molly won't talk about it.

He is not a bad dream. He is not a hallucination. Dr. Furgeson, who once traumatized a trusting little boy named Stuart, has returned to perform the same nightmarish procedure on Stuart's son James. And he's brought along his scissors...

Snick-snick-snick... snick-snick-snick.

Praise for Scissors by Ray Garton: "Do not read this novel if you or someone you know is about to go in for surgery--I'm not kidding. If Sigmund Freud and Samuel Beckett had co-written a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie starring Buster Keaton, the result would have been Scissors. If you thought Garton had reached the pinnacle of Grand Guignol with his last novel, stand warned: Sex and Violence in Hollywood was merely the restrained prelude to this wild, feverish, smart, frightening, brutal, and oddly touching novel. Sociological horror and outright satire have rarely mixed this well, and the results will have you launching, cringing, and thinking simultaneously. If you're a guy, give yourself ten extra points if you can make it through the first five pages without wincing. Then get ready for the weird parts." -- Gary Braunbeck, author of The Indifference of Heaven

Available in a limited edition of 1,000 signed copies. Fine in fine dj.