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THE SAINT PERPETUUS CLUB OF BUENOS AIRES by Eric Stener Carlson. Carlton, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, UK; Tartarus Press; 2009. 1st edition hardcover.

Hidden away in the pages of an old copy of Lives of the Saints in a strange second-hand bookshop is a diary brimming with heresy and claims of supernatural powers. When civil servant Miguel Ibaņez stumbles across it he at first believes it to be the ravings of a mad man. But what if it is true? What if the anonymous author has really learned the secrets of controlling time? Could Miguel acquire the same skills and thereby correct the incongruities in his own life?

Trapped in a mediocre job at a forgotten Ministry, his marriage falling apart, Miguel desperately searches for more hidden entries. He is led on an increasingly frantic chase through the bookstores, abandoned buildings and dark subways of Buenos Aires.

Miguel's obsession brings him to the doors of the Saint Perpetuus Club, a secret society that holds the key to the salamanca, the cave where the Devil grants all wishes . . . for a price.

The deeper Miguel goes, the more he wonders whom he can trust. His wife, his friends, his old philosophy professor? Perhaps they are all members of the Club? Is Miguel willing to risk his life, even his immortal soul, to uncover the secrets of The Saint Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires?

The Saint Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires is a sewn hardback novel of 233 pages with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w. Limited to 300 copies.

ISBN 978-1-905784-16-5.

Eric Stener Carlson (Minnesota, 1969) is the author of I Remember Julia: Voices of the Disappeared and The Pear Tree: Is Torture Ever Justified? His work has appeared in journals in the UK, US, Argentina and Spain. He travels frequently but always returns to his small flat in Buenos Aires. Eric Stener Carlson


"Unpredictable and steeped in allusions to classic and contemporary works, this spry exercise in magic realism can be enjoyed as a parable on how our reading transforms our perception of the world." - Publishers Weekly

This work should appeal to fans of good writing and the occult. The prose is top-notch and great care has been taken in providing the reader with an intellectual, multi-layered story." - Grim Rictus Reviews

"...a captivating novel written in a sparkling style, precise yet imaginative." - Mario Guslandi at Rick Kleffel's Agony Column.

Fine in fine dj. OUT OF PRINT.