R.I.P. Terry Lamsley 1st trade HC LIMITED

R.I.P. by Terry Lamsley, cover art by Jason Van Hollander. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2009.

Synopsis / Contents:


Conrad and his friend Gwillam have worked together on computer aided research into the nature of death and the possibility of survival after it. They made some progress, but Gwillam went down a path that Conrad would not, could not follow . . . 'over to the other side‚ and back again', or so he said. Now Gwillam has disappeared completely and other people have moved into the flat he had occupied. Conrad has his suspicions about who and what they are and feels he owedsit to his friend to sort out this unfinished business if he can. But to do this he needs the help of Mrs. Holwig, a self-styled Investigator . . . and he doesn't feel he can tell her much about those she is to investigate. When her enthusiasm leads to violence, Conrad reluctantly takes over only to find he must confront creatures whose peculiar origins and powers he does not understand.

"The dead are everywhere. There are untold billions of them. We, the living, are just an insignificant minority."

Issued in a trade unsigned edition of 500 copies. Fine in pictorial boards without dj as issued.