Harrogate, UK: PS Publishing, 2003. Pictorial Cover. Fine. First Edition, trade paperback.

Synopsis / Contents:

For almost twenty years the dark, disturbing visions of Cliff Burns have been featured in scores of magazines and anthologies around the world.

Righteous Blood, his latest work, is a compelling and troubling look at evil in our time.

In two provocative novellas, Living With The Foleys and Kept, the Canadian author casts an unsparing eye on evil in a variety of guises, presenting us with two diverse narratives that are certain to shock unwary readers and delight longtime fans of the macabre.

Living With The Foleys details a few weeks in the life of a homeless person. But Phil Poile is not your ordinary down-and-outer, as events quickly demonstrate. He has taken up residence in a suburban family's garage (unbeknownst to them) and his special 'gifts' enable him to act as the family's unofficial guardian... an avenger as well.

Kept, the concluding novella, is nothing less than a high-octane thrill-ride, a knowing homage to the work of David Cronenberg and David Lynch and a no-holds-barred assault on our conception of good guys and bad guys, justice, morality and retribuion.

Righteous Blood is unrelenting in its intensity, a stark reminder of that Cliff Burns specializes at creating moments of genuine frisson and suspense. As Factsheet Five has noted: "Burns writes like Hitchcock directs, producing gooseflesh without monsters. And that is the scariest kind of writing there is."

One of 500 numbered trade paperback copies SIGNED by the author. OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER.