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THE REALITY DYSFUNCTION by Peter F. Hamilton, dust jacket by Tomislav Tikulin. Burton, MI; Subterranean Press; 2009. 1st signed/limited hardcover edition.

ISBN: 978-1-59606-253-5.

Length: 912 pages.

Subterranean Press is proud to present the signed limited edition of one a modern space opera classic. Signed copies of the first edition hardcover of The Reality Dysfunction sell for as much as $600 on the secondary market.

For humans, life in the twenty-seventh century has become secure and easy. The lightbarrier has been broken. Hundreds of worlds have been colonized. Genetic engineering has increased life-expectancy and banished disease. The Confederation Navy maintains the peace between humanity’s rich and diverse cultures. It is the greatest era in history.

All this is observed by a Ly-cilph, one of an ancient incorporial alien species who travel the galaxy gathering information. On Lalonde, a newly settled world, its interest in a criminal’s profane ritual murder becomes a little too involved. What was once regarded as myth is unwittingly set free, allowing the heart of every human nightmare to flourish and expand. Technology is powerless against it. There is no place it cannot reach. It is as merciless as it is relentless.

As the rest of the Confederation becomes aware of the horrific force which is destined to consume entire worlds, a name emerges from the chaos and terror engulfing Lalonde: The Reality Dysfunction.

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies.

From The Agony Column: "Along with Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space, this book was for me a re-entry point into space opera science fiction. It's a hell of a memorable read, and in the currently available mass-market paperbacks, very difficult to read. Subterranean's new hardcover makes all the pain go away, and offers readers a chance to immerse in comfort at a bargain price."

From Publishers Weekly: “Elements of space opera, Straubesque horror and adrenaline laced action make this a demanding, rewarding read.”

Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED/NUMBERED hardcover edition of 500 copies. OUT OF PRINT.

PLEASE NOTE: Addditional shipping charge will apply to foreign orders due to size & weight of book.