Woodstock, GA; Overlook Connection Press; 2002. 1st US hardcover edition.

The old man hears them before he sees them, the three boys coming over the hill, disturbing the peace by the river where he's fishing. He smells gun oil too, too much oil on a brand-new shotgun. These aren't hunters, they're rich kids who don't care about the river and the fish and the old man.

Or his dog.

Red is the name of the old man's dog, his best friend in the world. And when the boys shoot the dog -- for nothing, for simple spite -- he sees red, like a mist before his eyes.

And before the whole thing is done there'll be more red. Red for blood...

"Jack Ketchum is a brilliantly visceral novelist...He is suspenseful, and his novels are page-turners..." -- Stephen King, from his Introduction to Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door"

Cover art by Neal McPheeters.

Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED edition of 500 (unnumbered) copies. Fine in fine dj.

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