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THE PROTEUS SAILS AGAIN by Thomas M. Disch, Dust Jacket by Jacob McMurray and Shawn Wolfe. Burton, MI; Subterranean Press; 2008. 1st edition hardcover.

In this sequel to The Voyage of the Proteus the action shifts from the wine-dark, action-packed seas of Homeric Greece to the noir and noirer streets of post-Apocalyptic New York, where the Author confronts threats of eviction, of murder, and of the extinction of his very identity. Standing by to help are his old shipmate from the Proteus, Socrates, who has become the post-modern equivalent of the Flying Dutchman, eternally blown about from port to sleazy port, and you, the Gentle Reader, a character sometimes mentioned in other novels but never before shown in the round, warts and all.

A famous aged starlet is murdered, radical vegans bomb MacDonald's, and a ferocious Irish Wolfhound named Terror savagely attacks the Author and his loyal and steadfast comrade, Harry, a lhasa apso, in the great tradition of canine superstars, a dog who can take his place beside Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, or Asta.

Anyone interested in the future History of Mankind and of our imperiled planet should not miss this shocking and heart-warming adventure.

LIMITED to500 cloth bound hardcover copies.

From Publishers Weekly: "The protagonist, who bears the name of the late author (1940–2008), inhabits a dystopian near-future New York where ground zero is a lagoon and activists blow up McDonald's... Themes of isolation and loss are particularly poignant in light of Disch's suicide, as are autobiographical details such as the eviction notice he calls a death warrant... Disch’s command of language is a delight, by turns casual, brutal and elegant."

Fine in fine dj.