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Springfield, PA; Gauntlet Press/Edge Books, 2000. 1st trade paperback issue. Fine. Many of Richard Matheson's most influential work deals with the metaphysical -- such as What Dreams May Come, The Path, and A Stir of Echoes. It's been a lifelong passion of the acclaimed author and he returns to the theme again and again. In the Springs of 2002, Gauntlet Press published what could be one of Matheson's most personal works to date, A Primer of Reality.

In A Primer of Reality, Matheson has compiled and edited a collection of quotations which present and prove the case for man and woman's place in the worlds of matter and of spirit. The observations in the book have been made by men and women who, for many years, have studied, researched and/or directly experienced the subjects in the book (such as The Higher Self, Near-Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and Karma). Matheson's commentary throughout the book connects each subject, resulting in not just any "book of quotations", but an enlightening journey into what Matheson calls "an easy to read presentation of these subjects". Though readers of any background and all beliefs can enjoy this book, it is a wonderful introduction to the world of the metaphysical.

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