POSTSCRIPTS magazine issue #8

POSTSCRIPTS magazine issue #8. Hornsea, Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishiong; 2006. Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Cover Art: The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania by Sir Joseph Noel Paton.

Publication Date: October 2006.


Guest Editorial Terry Bisson, Michael Swanwick - 'The Bordello in Faerie', Robert Edric -'The Empty Pool', K. W. Jeter - 'Ninja Two-Fifty', Gene Wolfe - 'The On-Deck Circle', Matthew Hughes - 'Nature Tale', Brian Hopkins - 'Red Nails', Darrell Schweitzer - 'Fighting the Zeppelin Gang', Tony Richards - 'Alsiso', Scott Carter - 'Happy Time', Robert Jeschonek - 'Fear of Rain'.