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POSTSCRIPTS magazine issue #1 Hamilton + Bradbuty + Campbell etc OOP

Harrogate, UK; PS Publishing; 2004. Softcover.The first issue of the brand new Postscripts magazine published in April 2004, and featuring the following line-up of fiction and articles: 'Roads Were Burning' -- Adam Roberts 'The Visitation' -- Ray Bradbury 'Riff' -- Ed Gorman 'The Rose Egg' -- Jay Lake Interview with James P. Blaylock -- John Berlyne 'Prize Crew' -- Gene Wolfe 'The Overwhelm' -- Allen Ashley 'A Choice of Eternities' -- Eric Brown 'Stripping' -- Joyce Carol Oates 'Tarzan of the Alps' by Brian W. Aldiss 'Original Sin' -- Lawrence Gordon Clark 'Seventeen Syllables' -- James Lovegrove 'How Big's Yours?' -- Article by Mike Ashley 'Direct Line' -- Ramsey Campbell 'Restraint' -- Stephen Gallagher 'Footvote' -- Peter Hamilton Fine.