POSTSCRIPTS issue #13 trade paperback

POSTSCRIPTS Issue #13 [hc] Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers (editors). Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2007. Publication Date: Winter 2007 / 08. Print Run: 500 copies. Introduction: Graham Joyce. Cover Art: Les Edwards. Paperback: ISBN: 978-1906301170.


Guest Editorial -- Graham Joyce;

Hal Duncan - 'Island of the Pirate Gods',

F. Brett Cox - 'Mary of the New Dispensation',

Quentin S. Crisp - 'A Cup of Tea',

Marly Youmans - 'Drunk Bay',

Christopher Fowler - 'The Twilight Express',

Richard Parks - 'Directional Drift',

Joshua F. Peterson - 'Natural Selection',

Paul Di Filippo - 'The End of the Great Continuity',

Robert T. Jeschonek - 'Snake-Skin'.