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Wales, UK; Sarob Press; 2004. 1st hardcover edition. The dead should stay dead ... shouldnít they? Well, no one told Terri. And seeing her after all these years wasnít what Steve expected. Especially as she was dead. Really dead! Steve had always envied Terri her life of adventure. And now thatís what she was offering ... the life he always wanted. With Terri. But itís not all it seems and Steve begins to doubt whether Terri is actually the best friend he thought she was. From the author of The Harvest Bride comes a modern ghost story with touches of voodoo thrown in for good measure. Issued Without Dust-Jacket. Pictorial Boards. 103pp + viii. Introduced by Ramsey Campbell. Wrap Cover Art by Paul Lowe. Trade edition limited to 210 hardcover copies. Fine.

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