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POSTSCRIPTS 30/31: MEMORYVILLE BLUES Gevers/Crowther (eds) 1st ed trade HC fine

POSTSCRIPTS 30/31 - MEMORYVILLE BLUES edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2013. 1st trade edition hardcover.

TITLE Postscripts #30/31 Memoryville Blues.

AN ANTHOLOGY edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers.


EDITION Jacketed Hardcover.

FRONT COVER ART Phillip Simpson.

PRINT RUN unsigned.

ISBN 978-1-848635-77-7.


•Memoryville Blues -- John Grant •Index of Placebo Effects -- Carol Guess •The Kid at Midnight -- Mike Resnick •Gapping -- Darren Speegle •Red-Roofed Temples in the Mountains Beneath Me -- Forrest Aguirre •Buried Eyes -- Lavie Tidhar •This Time of Day, This Time of Year -- Lynda E. Rucker •Dreaming Kandresphar -- Darrell Schweitzer •The Providential Preservation of the Universal Bibliographic Repository -- Andrew Drummond •Cleavage -- Peter Hardy •What We Do -- Robert Reed •Selections From The Expectant Mother Disinformation Handbook -- Robert Guffey •Kodokushi -- Andrew Hook •The Valley of Wonders -- Amber D. Sistla •Blue Vs Red -- Sebastien Doubinsky •Things That Never Happened -- Scott Edelman •The Key to Harry -- Allen Ashley and Douglas Thompson •Behind the Doors -- Ramsey Campbell •The Rapture -- Jack Dann and Barry N. Malzberg •The Bell -- Jeremy Adam Smith •The Lobby -- Alastair Reynolds •Man’s Ruin -- James Cooper •The Revelation of Jo Givens -- Nancy Jane Moore •Wherein We Enter the Museum -- Kit Reed •Marks and Coconuts -- Anna Tambour

Fine in fine dj.