POSTSCRIPTS #17 1st TP Hughes, VanderMeer etc.

POSTSCRIPTS magazine, issue #17 edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; 2009. 1st edition trade paperback. Publication Date: Winter 2008/09. Print Run: 500 copies. Introduction: James Lovegrove. Cover Art: Edward Miller.

ISBN: 978-1848630185.


James Lovegrove - 'Editorial',

Justin Cartaginese - 'The Plot',

Rhys Hughes - 'The Gala of Implausible Songs',

Ian Hunter - 'Where I Went on My Holidays',

Tara Kolden - 'Enquete Incisive',

Ian MacLeod - 'The Camping Wainwrights',

Adam Roberts - 'A Prison Term of a Thousand Years',

Al Robertson - 'Sohoitis',

Doug Smith - 'Doorways',

Vaughan Stanger - 'Stars in Her Eyes',

Jeff VanderMeer - 'Why the Vulture is Bald',

Marly Youmans - 'Rain Flower Pebbles'.