POSTSCRIPTS #16 TP Tuttle, Russell, Wright LIMITED

POSTSCRIPTS Issue #16 edited byPeter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Hornsea, East orkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2008. Print Run: 500 copies. Introduction: Peter Atkins. Cover Art: Steven C. Gilberts.


Guest Editorial -- Peter Atkins,

John Grant - 'Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Please Stand Down?',

William Alexander - 'Clockwork Iris',

Paul Jessup - 'The Sea of Dead Around Her',

Tim Lees - 'Gumps',

Brendan Duffy - 'The Green Man',

T.M. Wright - 'The Blue-Faced Man',

Bruce Golden - 'One of Nine',

Ray Russell - 'Beechlands',

Lisa Tuttle - 'The Oval Portrait'.