POSTSCRIPTS issue #15, edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Art by Al Feldstein. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2008. 1st edition.

Synopsis / Contents: The fifteenth issue of PS Publishing's award-winning Postscripts magazine.

Postscripts #15 is a Worldcon 2008 Special Issue. This edition is the standard hardcover, which due to the size of this issue of the magazine we're publishing instead of the standard paperback, hence the higher price.


Guest Editorial Arthur C. Clarke,

'Fandom At The Palace' Brian Aldiss,

'A Very Private Tour Of A Very Public Museum' Scott Edelman,

'The Man Who Built Heaven' Keith Brooke,

'Atlantic Crossing' Garry Kilworth,

'Thy Saffron Wings' Chris Roberson,

'Variant' Steven Utley,

'Shad's Mess' Alex Irvine,

'Under The Shadow Of Jonah' Jack Dann,

'The Eye Of Vann' Matthew Hughes,

'Juggernaut' Ray Bradbury,

'The Best Of Both Worlds' Brian Stableford,

'State Secret' Eric Brown,

'Test Subject' James Lovegrove,

'Let Their People Go: The Left Left Behind' Terry Bisson,

'The Men Who Live In Trees' Kelly Barnhill,

'Eagle Song' Stephen Baxte,r

'The Golden Octopus' Beth Bernobich,

'Professor Fluvius's Palace Of Many Waters' Paul Di Filippo,

'Six Foot Easy' Robert Reed,

'Skinhorse Goes To Mars' Jay Lake,

'[A Ghost Samba]' Ian Mcdonald,

'An Article Of Faith' Mike Resnick,

'Legolas Does The Dishes' Justina Robson,

'Sumptuous Dress: A Question Of Size At The End Of Time' Michael Moorcock,

'How Was The Future For You?' Paul McAuley Essay,

'Excerpt From The Quiet War' - Paul McAuley,

'A Brief Guide To Other Histories' Paul McAuley,

'Searching For Van Gogh At The End Of The World' Paul McAuley,

'The Thought War' Paul McAuley,

'City Of The Dead' Paul McAuley.

Issued in an PPC (printed paper cover) hardcover edition of 300 copies SIGNED BY THE MAJORITY OF THE CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS. Fine.