POSTSCRIPTS #14 trade paperback

POSTSCRIPTS issue #14 edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2008. 1st edition trade paperback.

Introduction: Eric Schaller. Cover Art: James Hannah.


Guest Editorial -- Eric Schaller,

Rhys Hughes - 'Flecks From the Isle of Chrome',

Paul Jessup - 'The Ghosts We Have Become',

Guy Immega - 'A Little Knowledge',

Sarah Monette - 'The City Without Sleep',

Barry Wood - 'Nowhere to Go',

Robert Reed - 'Blackbird',

William Alexander - 'Something Borrowed, Something Red',

Jetse de Vries - 'City Beneath the Surface',

Jeff VanderMeer - 'Island Tales',

Robert Weston - 'Salve'.

Issued in a trade paperback edition of 500 copies. Fine.