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PHASES OF THE MOON: STORIES FROM SIX DECADES by Robert Silverberg, Burton, MI; Subterranean Press; 2004. 1st edition hardcover. All through my adolescence there was little I wanted as badly as to see a story bearing my name appear in one of the science-fiction magazines... But even after making those 550 sales -- or 650, or 750, or however many it was -- I still have not lost touch with the adolescent boy within me, the one who bought those issues of Astounding Science Fiction and Thrilling Wonder Stories in the far-off 1940s and dreamed of being a writer some day, by which he meant selling a story or two to one of those magazines. Whenever I see my name on a magazine cover, he reacts with astonishment and delight. So now, looking back over my long career, bringing together a representative sampling of stories from each of the six decades -- so far -- in which my work has found publication, I shake my head in wonder at the way it all turned out, and give silent thanks to all. -- Robert Silverberg In addition to early efforts ("Road to Nightfall," "The Macauley Circuit") and classics ("Good News from the Vatican," and "Sailing to Byzantium," to name but two), Phases includes a small volume’s worth of introductions and memoirs. Contents: Introduction One: The 1950s Road to Nightfall The Macauley Circuit Sunrise on Mercury Warm Man Two: The 1960s To See the Invisible Man Flies Passengers Nightwings Sundance Three: The 1970s Good News from the Vatican Capricorn Games Born with the Dead Schwartz Between the Galaxies Four: The 1980s The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve The Pope of the Chimps Needle in a Timestack Sailing to Byzantium Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another Five: The 1990s Hunters in the Forest Death Do Us Part Beauty in the Night Six: The 2000s The Millennium Express With Caesar in the Underworld Limited: 1500 signed numbered fully cloth bound hardcover copies. Fine in fine dj.