OTHER WORLDS THAN OURS by Nelson Bond. Sauk City, WI; Arkham House; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. “Other Worlds Than Ours” is Nelson Bond’s 3rd book for Arkham House. It follows 1968’s “Nightmares and Daydreams” and 2002’s “The Far Side of Nowhere.” Both rank among Arkham House’s fastest sellers, proving once again that Nelson Bond’s reputation as a writer of fantasy fiction continues long after he ceased writing for publication. This collection draws upon previously uncollected SF tales from the 1940s. The majority are hard to find novelettes originally published in Blue Book, Astounding, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Planet Stories and Amazing Stories. There is also a complete novel, the exciting “Gods of the Jungle,” which appeared in the June and July 1942 issues of Amazing Stories. An American pilot during World War II is forced to land in the jungle where he discovers an ancient temple that leads him to an ancient civilization founded by visitors to Earth. The remaining 12 stories are grouped according to their subjects and cover travel to remote and distant planets in the universe, where travelers meet unusual adventures and sometimes terrifying creatures who inhabit remote planets and moons. “Martian Caravan” and “Wanderers of the Wolf Moon” are two rare and hard-to-find tales that will haunt you for a long time. Jacket Art by Alan Fore Cover Design by JenGraph - Jennifer A. Niles. Fine in fine. Limited to 2000 trade copies.