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ONLY CHILD (AKA STRANGLEHOLD) by Jack Ketchum. Colorado Springs, CO; Gauntlet Press; 2008. 1st US SIGNED/LIMITED hardcover edition.

"This is a devastating novel, perhaps too powerful to be published in the United States. Jack Ketchum at his terrifying best!" -- Stephen King.

Mr. King wrote this for the British edition of ONLY CHILD (aka Stranglehold). And, while he was wrong about its publishability in the United States, he was dead right about the rest. Arthur Danse is one of Ketchum's most dark and frightening creations. A user, a violent abuser and quite possibly much, much worse. And it falls to his wife Lydia to protect the life and sanity of both herself and her six-year-old son -- their only child.

ONLY CHILD is an exceptional strong book of spousal and child abuse with one of Ketchum's most intriguing and unsettling endings. Paperback editions of the book have been long out-of-print.

For this edition Ketchum has written a new Afterword.

"This extremely disturbing novel from Ketchum effectively examines the insidious effects of child abuse as it spreads from generation to generation."

--Publishers Weekly.

"ONLY CHILD is a delightfully disturbing novel…you're in for one hell of a violent, twisting, turning, ride that will not only shake you up but may leave you a little queasy inside…I give this baby two claws up!"

-- Zacherly's Picks.

"I have yet to encounter a single work of fiction by Jack Ketchum that in any way disappoints, and ONLY CHILD is no exception... (It) is one novel that you are certain to remember, and will continue to think about long after you've finished reading it. (It) makes an indelible impression upon readers, and is one novel that you simply will not wish to miss out upon, and receives my highest recommendation."

-- HorrorWorld.

Fine in fine dj. Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED hardcover edition of 500 copies.