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THE NONESUCH AND OTHERS by Brian Lumley, illustrated by Bob Eggleton. Burton, MI; Subterranean Press; 2009. 1st edition hardcover. OUT OF PRINT.

ISBN: 978-1-59606-210-8.

Length: 128 pages.

Normally, when readers seen Brian Lumley’s byline on a book--especially one with the amazing jacket art of Bob Eggleton--the names of several colourful fictional characters spring to mind: heroes such as Harry Keogh, the eponymous Necroscope, or perhaps the occult investigator Titus Crow. While these may be the author’s best-known heroes; however, they are only two of a large handful, which is why it may come as something of a surprise this time around to discover that the so-called “hero” of this current trilogy of tales...isn’t!

No, for this lesser-known character isn’t so much a typical Lumley hero as an innocent bystander who all too often seems to be standing by in the wrong place at the wrong time--a man in collision with various weird horrors who can never state definitely that the things he experiences are real. After all, someone who sees a few too many pink elephants may question almost anything he experiences, right?

So here he is--the neither hero nor anti-hero narrator of these stories--though in The Nonesuch he’s at least seen to be brave if not actually heroic. However, when you’ve done reading this small trilogy, you might like to ask yourself this: pitted against horrors like those in these stories, just how much of a hero would you be?

Limited to 1500 signed hardcover copies.

Table of Contents: • Introduction, • The Thin People, • Stilts, • The Nonesuch (a new novella).

Fine in fine dj. OUT OF PRINT.