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Ashcroft, BC, Canada: Ash-Tree Press, 2001. 14 supernatural short stories by Roger Pater, pen name for Dom Roger Huddleston, a member of the Order of St. Benedict, who created Fr Philip Rivers Pater, the squire-priest at the heart of the supernatural short stories in MYSTIC VOICES, has a strange faculty which he refers to as a "clair-audience": he can hear voices from the unconscious or subconscious, and occasionally from the dead - voices which can warn of events which have, or are about to, happen. Sometimes the voice announces a recent or forthcoming death; in other cases, it seeks to rectify or explain actions which took place years - or even centuries - before. In all the cases which come before him, the priest strives to do his best to comfort the living - and the dead. In a companion work, MY COUSIN PHILIP, Pater created a complete "biography" on his fictional creation, and a chapter of that work, which presents the author's theories on clair- audience, and expands on the stories contained in MYSTIC VOICES, is included in this collection. Edited by David Rowlands, who discusses the collection and its place in the ghost story world, and also provides a synopsis of MY COUSIN PHILIP, while a contemporary obituary of Dom Rogers paints a fond portrait of a man who was as esteemed in reality as his creation was in fiction. Stories include "The Warning", "The Persecution Chalice", "In Articula Mortis", "The Priest's Hiding Place", "De Profundis", " 'Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven' ", "The Astrologer's Legacy", "A Porta Inferi", "The Treasure of the Blue Nuns", "The Watchman", "The Footstep of Aventine", "The Scapegoat", "Our Lady of the Rock", "The Communion of Saints". Limited to 500 copies. Illustrated by Paul Lowe. Fine in fine dj.