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MATCH TO FLAME: THE FICTIONAL PATHS TO FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury. Clorado Springs, CO; Gauntlet Press; 2007. 1st edition hardcover. Ray Bradbury didn't sit down one day and decide to write his classic novel Fahrenheit-451. As with Something Wicked This Way Comes Bradbury's tale of censorship had its roots years earlier—in at least 9 short stories or novellas. While published in 1953 the genesis of F-451 can be traced back to 1944. Over the next several years Bradbury tinkered with the idea in a number of short stories—a few that have been collected a number of times, some that appeared just once and others that have remained unpublished . . . Until now.

Gauntlet's MATCH TO FLAME: THE FICTIONAL PATHS TO FAHRENHEIT-451 traces the roots of F-451 in Bradbury's earlier fiction. Edited by Donn Albright, the book is a must for those who have marveled at F-451. The centerpiece of the book, is of course, "The Fireman" a novella published in Galaxy ‘51 (1951), a very collectible item by itself.

Signed by Bradbury, this is bound to become one of his classics both for scholars looking into the history of F-451, collectors interested in obscure and unpublished Bradbury material that will not see publication anywhere else, and readers of great fiction.

~Table of Contents~

Foreword by Ray Bradbury.

Introduction by Richard Matheson.

Historical and Critical Introduction by Bill Touponce. Texts Edited and Annotated by Jon Eller.

"Reincarnate", "Pillar of Fire", "The Library", "Bright Phoenix", Facsimile: "Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright" (working title for early draft of "Bright Phoenix", with handwritten corrections), "The Mad Wizards of Mars", "Carnival of Madness", "The Mechanical Hound" (facsimile fragment), "The Bonfire", "The Bonfire" (facsimile, first draft, with handwritten corrections), "Cricket On the Hearth", "Cricket On the Hearth" (facsimile), Ray Bradbury's 1st Published Article: Blue and White Daily, 1938, "The Pedestrian", "The Garbage Collector", "The Smile", "When Ignorant Armies Clash" (unpublished novella), "Long After Midnight" (unpublished novella), "The Fireman".

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