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MASKS by Ray Bradbury. Colorado Springs, CO; Gaunt;et Press; 2008. 1st edition hardcover.

Long-talked about by Bradbury enthusiasts, MASKS was to be Ray Bradbury's second novel (he considers THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES his first novel). In the late-forties Bradbury applied for a Guggenheim grant and submitted an early version of MASKS. While he didn't get the grant, Bradbury continued to tinker with it until 1952 or 1953. Editor Donn Albright has assembled fragments into a cohesive story so the reader can compare Bradbury's first draft with later thoughts on the proposed novel. This is a SIGNED LIMITED edition SIGNED by Ray Bradbury. There will be no other edition of MASKS.

Besides the MASKS, the book will contain 6 never-before-published stories Bradbury wrote during this period, to be chosen by Donn Albright and Ray Bradbury.

The six of the previously unpublished stories that will appear in this publication are:

"Walker in the Night", "The Drothldo", "The Dancing Magician" (aka "Gallagher the Great"), "In the Eye of the Beholder", "The Face of Natalie", "They Never Got Mad".

"Although the stories (in Masks) are purely fiction there is a disturbing reality to them which is brought out in the masterful way that only Ray Bradbury can do..." -- Zack's Picks.

"(Masks) is, arguably, a unique admixture of psychological drama and Magical Realism, with just a pinch of very dark black comedy added for seasoning. The book is well worth reading for the insights into the young and budding genius of Bradbury's literary advancement, and for the very unique plot devices and socio-psychological arguments Bradbury advances." -- Horror World.

Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED hardcover edition of (I believe) 500 copies. Fine in fine dj, sealed in original publishers shrinkwrap.