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Ashcroft, British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2000. Hardcover. First edition. Cats have become so much a part of our lives that it is tempting to take them for granted. The ancients regarded cats as creatures of mysticism—perhaps they knew more than we do. If, indeed, cats are mystical, if they possess a sixth sense, then the creatures which Hugh B. Cave brings to life in this collection of stories are very believable. For here there are cats who protect, cats who seek vengeance, ghostly cats—and cats who simply like the attention they believe they deserve. The Lady Wore Black and Other Weird Cat Tails is a collection of nineteen stories from one of the most prolific and respected authors in the supernatural genre. In these pages, the reader will encounter cats which have control over other animals; cats whose powers have origins in the voodoo of Haiti; cats which determine the course of lives, for good or bad; cats, in fact, as you are unlikely ever to have encountered them. And one thing is sure—after reading these stories, you will forever regard cats in a somewhat different light. It is now time for you to revel in the adventures of such unlikely supernatural heroes as Mr McCuddle, Roseen, Boojum Blackie, Tai-Tai, and Yum-Yum . . . Ash-Tree Press is delighted to publish this volume in celebration of Hugh B. Cave's ninetieth birthday—and a writing career that has spanned well over seventy years. CONTENTS: Preface; Introduction by Mike Ashley; Always Together; Purr of a Cat; Allie's Cat; Appointment with Yesterday; No Flowers for Henry; The Lady Wore Black; Grandfather and the Wondrous Beast; House of Dark Desire; The Back of the Mirror; And When We Sleep; Water Girl; A Honeymoon to Remember; The Forbidden Island; Final Game; Gordie's Pets; Long Live the Queen; The Caller; Puss-Puss; The Sceptic. Jacket art by Paul Lowe. Limited to 500 copies. Fine in fine dj.