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British Columbia, Canada: Ash Tree Press, 2002. Second Printing. Trade Paperback. A small collection of five supernatural stories, first published in 1994. Originally printed as a Christmas collection for members of The Ghost Story Society, Lady Stanhope's Manuscript was the first publication by Ash-Tree Press. 150 copies were produced and these have became highly sought by collectors. This is the new edition in the Ash-Tree Press Occasional Booklet series.The contents are a new Preface to the Second Edition; Introduction; The Little Ghost by Katherine Haynes; The Border Stones by Christopher Roden; The Gift by G. W. Howarth; Lady Stanhope's Manuscript by Dale J. Nelson; Traditional Christmas by Tina Rath. Illustrations are by Pat Walsh, Dallas Goffin, Nick Maloret, and Alan Hunter. As new.