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Burton, MI; Subterranean Press; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. America at the end of the Twentieth Century was a dangerous place. It was a place conceived in liberty, yet threatened by the forces of oppression and evil. It was a place where fanatics--political and religious, foreign and domestic--sharpened their swords to attack an innocent populace whose love of freedom was matched only by its lack of irony. It was a sick place in need of sick heroes. And so they came: PORNO GIRL, whose consumption of filth was merely a disguise to conceal her purity of soul... THE RACIST RANGER, whose repugnant jibber-jabber masked the fact that his strength was as the strength of ten... And Danny Clayton, the infamous LAUGHIN' BOY -- born in tragedy, caught in a despicable act -- who would become both the most beloved and most hated man on earth. In other words: Its Savior. Or not. It would depend on whether he lived long enough for the rest of us to find out.

Limited to 750 SIGNED/NUMBERED copies. OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER. Fine in fine dj.