Harrogate, UK; PS Publishing; 2001. First edition trade paperback. It's the 1970s, but not as we knew it. The Third World War has raged since 1949. Across the globe, communist partisans and Western conscript armies slug it out, while America's disc-shaped bombers deliver death from above. For radical youth everywhere, the icon of resistance is the martyred guerilla leader, Joseph Stalin.. After years of campaigning against the war, the revolutionary core of the Human Front has raised the stakes. They're not looking for peace marchers any more. They're looking for returning soldiers to bring the war back home. For lads like John Matheson, who've done their National Service, who know their country and love it enough to make it burn. But their new recruit carries more than a rifle to the streets and hills of Scotland. He carries a weight of knowledge which he's never dared to share, and which he knows exactly how to use. John Matheson's childhood encounter with the pilot of a downed American bomber is an experience never to be mentioned, or forgotten. It has perplexed him all his life. As he's drawn into the escalating conflict he takes his secret questions with him. Finding the answers will take him farther from home than he ever expects, to a struggle on a universal front. One of 500 copies, SIGNED by the author. Winner of the 2002 Sidewise Award for Alternate History (Short Form). OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER.