THE HOLLOW EARTH by Steven Savile. Modesto, CA; Bloodletting Press; 2007. 1st edition.

This is book #6 in Bloodletting Press' chapbook series. This is one of only 300 signed and numbered softcover copies.

There are secrets held within the earth that should never even be whispered, secrets that only the darkest minds of our kind entertain or record. One such archaic tablet was stolen from the British museum and with it something from the deepest catacombs of the earth has been released.

It has been whispered in occult circles that the tablet holds the secret to discovering the location of the Catamine Stair, the endless spiral that descends all the way into the hollow heart of the earth.

Days later a demonic looking corpse is found crucified on the cupola of St Paul's Cathedral.

Something has been let lose…

Challinor and Millington, adventurers from the fabled Greyfriar's Club in old London Town, are hell bent on finding out the truth before it is too late . . .

Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED numbered edition. Fine.

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